Revolutionary vegan hair supplements that provides all essential nutrients for healthier, longer, and better-looking hair. 

Our modern way of life provides us with endless possibilities. 

We’re online 24/7, just an email away from our friends and families and always on the lookout for that new job opportunity or social event. The benefits of modern living are countless, but the stress we accumulate over time affects our bodies tremendously. 


Our hair is particularly sensitive to the adverse effects of stress; over 95% of women experience inconveniences such as hair loss and breakage, which often leads to insecurities. 


There is a solution: with a little help in the form of supplements, our bodies get the boost they need to keep our hair strong and healthy. 

However, conventional capsules are large and unpleasant to swallow. 


That’s why OASE Hair Vitamins come as Vegan Soft GumsTM, a new form of dietary supplements for those who prefer a supplement that is healthy, ethical, tasty and easy-to-consume. 

OASE Hair Vitamins is the simple solution that provides all the essential nutrients the body needs for healthier hair. Our patented Soft GumsTM are soft, sweet candies with a blackcurrant flavor that don’t stick to your teeth.