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LIV Botanics believes that organic skincare should be the rule - not the exception. 


Our ingredients stick as close as possible to nature.

Hand-formulated, plant based formulas with only powerful plant-extracts, high-performance actives, vitamins, minerals and other skin-nutrients. Your skin will glow like never before. 

What’s important for us, is important for everyone! And what you put on your skin matters, for yourself and for the world around you.

So that’s why we’ve formulated organic, high-performance skincare products. Created without unnecessary ingredients or elements just to make them more expensive than they should be.

Not only our ingredients are sustainable and vegan, our packaging is as well. Made of locally grown Elephant Grass paper, glueless and printed with non-toxic plant based ink, because we don’t compromise.

But we’re obsessed with more than just a beautiful skin. We see a future where the skincare industry is transformed. But hold on! We want to think even bigger: we want to see the world transformed and driven by conscious honest brands that use natural, clean and organic ingredients. Because plant-based and truly environmental friendly skincare is the way forward and we’ve created this for you.

Our standards are ambitious - so is our vision. Just the way it should be.